Frequently Asked Questions

How to protect myself against scammers?

MyCrypto has written a great guide on protecting yourself and your funds.

How can I join the fight?

Can I use the data from this project?

Yes, you can either download the raw blacklist and whitelist files or take a look at our API.

Are the reports open source? Where do they go?

All reports end up in a private Slack to protect people's privacy. The reports can be read by all team members of MyCrypto and they can decide whether the report makes it to the blacklist.

Why was this database created?

The database was created in July 2017 as EtherScamDB(.info), when trying to find a solution to the ethereum scams. In 2018, we migrated to CryptoScamDB(.org) in order to indicate our support of the wider cryptocurrency ecosystem. While grouping all the scams won't make them go away, it will make both identifying them and taking them down easier. Currently, it is being maintained by members of the MyCrypto team.

If you have any other questions and would like to get in contact with us, please shoot us an email at