Mission Statement

CryptoScamDB LLC, powered by MyCrypto, Inc., is dedicated to creating a safer cryptospace by educating the public on best security practices, uncovering malicious actors, and exposing scams, as well as providing scam detection services that can be integrated into existing products.

Open Source

We strive to gather and analyze data that can be shared with various projects to prevent and shut down scams and their operators, as well as to protect users in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The CSDB team believes in the value of freely spreading information about scams, phishing, or other fraudulent activity we’ve identified, and has made our code and databases readily available to the general public.


CSDB was not designed to make us rich. In fact, we hope that the project can run primarily on donations and benefit from community participation in the form of bounties. Stopping fraudsters/phishers and safeguarding the public should never come second to turning profits, even if CSDB, LLC is eventually absorbed into another enterprise. Revenue acquired through donations, API usage, or otherwise will mainly be used to maintain and further develop CSDB.

Privacy & Transparency

CSDB aims to be clear, fair, and transparent with regards to user privacy, user reporting, and blacklisting choices. You can read MyCrypto’s full privacy policy here, but relevant information specific to CSDB is detailed below.

CSDB aims to collect little or no personally identifiable information. CSDB will never share nor sell visitor information with third parties without the explicit consent of the visitor or as is required by law. We utilize a minimal, self-hosted analytics platform to help us improve our product, including which features people use and how many views pages have, but we do not collect any personally-identifiable information from visitors of our products.

EtherScamDB.info and CryptoScamDB.org were created to gather and analyze data that can be shared with various projects, law enforcement agencies, and related organizations to prevent and terminate phishing, theft, and scams, assist in identifying and potentially leading to the arrest of these scams’ operators, as well as generally protecting users in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

EtherScamDB.info and CryptoScamDB.org are unique from other MyCrypto products in that they offer a "report" functionality. This allows any person to make a report (collectively these are the "Raw Reports") regarding items such as suspicious website URLs, suspicious cryptocurrency addresses, and scams being propagated via social media, or to report that their own cryptocurrencies have been stolen.

Depending on the circumstances, people using the "report" functionality may be prompted to provide:

  • Their cryptocurrency public address
  • The cryptocurrency public address they sent funds to
  • Website(s) visited
  • Suspicious website URLs
  • Suspicious cryptocurrency public addresses
  • Additional information the user wishes to share

These Raw Reports are sent and stored in a MyCrypto communications channel, and some of the data is mirrored to a MongoDB server hosted by mLab. These reports are generally not immediately deleted but marked as processed. We aim to destroy any reports containing sensitive or personal information as soon as possible. However, there are instances when deletion may take longer than expected.

These reports may be kept in digital form, as permitted by law, and kept in a manner that is reasonably necessary for the CryptoScamDB team to perform its business operations effectively. The information gathered via the Raw Reports is used to create and maintain various databases of aggregate information (the "Aggregate Data").

The Raw Reports are normally not shared with, nor sold to any third party without the explicit written permission of the reporter. However, Raw Reports may be shared with a third party as is required under applicable laws or regulations, or as is deemed necessary by MyCrypto to best fulfill its goal of protecting the safety and security of Users across the cryptocurrency space.

The Aggregate Data, analyses of suspicious website URLs, and analyses of suspicious cryptocurrency public addresses are published to a public database that is accessible by anyone via:

  • https://etherscamdb.info;
  • https://cryptoscamdb.org;
  • https://api.cryptoscamdb.org;
  • https://github.com/cryptoscamdb;
  • https://github.com/MrLuit/EtherScamDB;
or related forks of these repositories.

These website URLs and public addresses are sourced in part from the Raw Reports. MyCrypto takes reasonable measures to confirm the accuracy and validity of the reports, but does not accept responsibility nor liability for the information in these databases. Any person or entity accessing these reports should treat them as public information, and should take additional measures to confirm the information contained in the databases.

Users should be aware that providing information such as their public address, websites visited, or other details may be personally identifiable. While we aim to prevent and/or immediately destroy any irrelevant or sensitive personal information, it is at the User's sole discretion to provide this information. Note that MyCrypto is not liable for any information submitted by the User, and the User submits such information at her or his own risk.

If at any time you wish to have your Raw Report destroyed, please send a request to contact@cryptoscamdb.org. The MyCrypto team will endeavor to destroyed in a timely manner.